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How to Make Shoulder Pads for a Jacket


I no longer buy pre-made shoulder pads.  The last pair I brought years ago consisted of expensive small wads that were not rounded like a shoulder.  When I make a jacket, I make a pair of shoulder pads using the jacket’s front and back pattern pieces.  I buy yards of fusible fleece when it’s on sale and use remnants of interfacing and cotton, so my pads are not expensive.  Customizing pads to accommodate fitting problems is easy.  A client has one shoulder that is higher than the other, so I make the left shoulder pad with 4 layers of fleece and the right shoulder pad with 8 layers of fleece, giving her a balanced appearance.

It takes me about 15 minutes to make a pair of shoulder pads.  Here’s a slideshow demonstration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Author: Mpressive Threadz

I started sewing when I was 11 years old, and had my own clients when I was 12. I graduated from the H.S. of Fashion Industries, majoring in fashion design. I expanded my technical background by attending evening classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and working many years at a major pattern company. I have been creating custom wedding gowns and evening dresses for more years than I care to count. I LOVE WORKING WITH FABRICS. I love fine sewing techniques. I love creating beautiful dresses.

24 thoughts on “How to Make Shoulder Pads for a Jacket

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  2. Thanks for the very detailed instructions!

  3. This is definitely the best shoulder pad tutorial I’ve found. I like that it starts you off drafting the exact size you need. Thank you!

  4. Great tutorial! Thank you so much for posting it.

  5. Superb demo! I just completed my shoulder pads and they are beautiful. Easy to follow instructions and photos.

    • Thank you so much for the great comment. I have never used the word beautiful to describe shoulder pads, but I must admit I do admire a pair when I am done making them. Have a wonderful sewing day!

  6. Wonderful, clear instructions. Thank you.

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  8. Reblogged this on Sew Your Heart Out and commented:
    Reposting this because I know I will want to refer back to the tutorial in the future. 🙂

  9. Fortunately I have access to a shop with a range of shouder pads but for sure it is always good to know how to make them.
    Thanks a lot!

  10. My second post 8 months later: I finished my second pair and they are better than my first pair. I so appreciate clear, simple, functional instructions such as these.

  11. This is awesome thank you!

  12. Outstanding pressntation. Can you do a raglan shoulder pad? Thanks

  13. Thank you so much for such a detailed tutorial. Can’t wait to try them.

  14. I cannot find the woven interfacing you used. What product is this? Where can I order or purchase? Thanks

    • Hi. The interfacing I used is called Hymo. It’s a canvas interfacing used in tailoring. There’s no need to buy this just for shoulder pads. That was a remnant I used. You can use any crisp piece of woven interfacing you have.

      I hope my answer was helpful.

  15. Great tutorial–and the slides are easier to study than a video would be. Thank you!

  16. The best tutorial I have ever used. It was step by step and I could pause the slide show as I followed along. My first set of shoulder pads are perfect! Thank you!

  17. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I am sewing 1890 to 1910 gentleman sporting suit and this is what I needed to finish this suit so it would look perfect.

  18. This is amazing, thank you very much for sharing with us! I hate the pads I can buy here as most of them are too thick for my taste, and it is impossible to find any that is not thicker than 1 cm and not a piece of oddly shaped sponge, covered with some fabric. Now I can make customized pads for my frame and won’t look like a body builder in my jackets 🙂

  19. Such clear concise instruction. Many thanks!

  20. Made my first pair and they are pretty good. I tried serging the edge but it was so circular it kept slipping off the fabric, so I will follow your directions for next one. Really appreciate the time you put into the instructions. The step by step was so helpful. Thank you!!!

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