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In Search of Pineapple Coconut Cake

At the beginning of this year I received an email from WordPress with the subject line: Your 2010 year in blogging. It provided me with wonderful stats regarding my blog. Most of all it confirmed what I had suspected about the most popular search term bringing visitors to my sewing blog, which you can guess by the title of this posting. PINEAPPLE COCONUT CAKE! Okay, how funny is that. I know I laughed for a long time.

So for all my visitors searching for a recipe for pineapple coconut cake, here’s one of mine.

Click here for the recipe.

To my family, sorry, this is not Aunt Nora’s recipe. My mother made a fabulous pineapple coconut cake and I failed to write down the recipe while she was alive. I watched her making it once and I remember that she used cream cheese and sour cream in the frosting, and use pineapple juice in the cake batter. One day I’ll start experimenting and maybe I’ll be able to replicate that cake.

This recipe is a combination of things I have learned over the past 35 years from family, friends, cooking shows and cookbooks. This one has fluffy frosting, pineapple ginger filling and coconut pastry; but it’s not a difficult cake to make.

Let me know how your cake turned out. ENJOY!


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Another Way to be Creative

We all have a multitude of ways that we express our creativity.  One of my ways is through baking and decorating cakes.  I baked three cakes for Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought it would be fun to let you see them.

Black Forest Cake: devil food’s cake, cherry filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, and chocolate sprinkles.

Pineapple Coconut Cake: vanilla cake, pineapple-ginger filling, buttercream frosting, and shredded coconut.

New: Click here for Pineapple Coconut Cake recipe with fluffy frosting.

Red Velvet Cake: red velvet cake, buttercream frosting with a hint of cocoa, chocolate swirls and white chocolate shavings on top.

The only reason I didn’t have to make a cookies-and-cream cake is because my younger sister was not in town.  Since I will see her for Christmas, I will have to make one.  Not sure how I will decorate it yet.

I’ve been decorating cakes for years.  It’s great when I can combine two of my passions, such as the time I made my girlfriend’s wedding dress and then decorated her wedding cake to match the lace I used on her dress.  She loved it.  It’s great when your expressions of creativity make others smile.