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Made a Dressform

I finally did it.  I finally created a dressform for me and it cost me about $110! I wanted a dressform in my size, but didn’t want to invest in an expensive professional one that wouldn’t have my dimensions or posture.  Many people praise the duct tape form because you get to see all the lumps and bumps of your body.  I tried the duct tape thing years ago and didn’t like it.  You can’t pin to it. My husband was the only one who had fun; wrapping me in duct tape.  I lost a bra when he cut up the back to remove the form and cut my bra as well.   

After years of searching the Internet for alternatives, I gathered up my thoughts and ideas and took the plunge.   Thoughts:

  • The purpose of my dressform is to minimize fitting problems, give me less stress and more efficient sewing.
  • A dressform is a 3-D sloper (a pattern with no ease) and in school we draped our slopers on our dressforms.  So why can’t I do it in reverse.  Create a sloper on me and turn that into my dressform.
  • I don’t need to see every bump and lump.  The purpose of sewing it to hide the bumps and lumps.  If I had a dressform with my dimensions and posture and the garment looked good on the form, then it would look good on me.

 I wanted a dressform that’s easy to make, cheap, will take pins and is realistic looking.  I think I did it.  Here’s my supply list: 

  • princess seam pattern
  • muslin
  • zipper
  • woven cotton fabric for outer shell
  • woven fusible interfacing
  • stay tape
  • fitted t-shirt
  • XL sized t-shirt
  • bra
  • 1 inch high density foam
  • 6 pounds of polyfill
  • knee-hi nylons
  • hanger
  • thread
  • marking pencil
  • ruler
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • very small safety pins
  • 1″ elastic
  • duct tape

 I plan to make one of my daughter and will document the process and share with all the other frustrated sewists.