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Another Way to be Creative

We all have a multitude of ways that we express our creativity.  One of my ways is through baking and decorating cakes.  I baked three cakes for Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought it would be fun to let you see them.

Black Forest Cake: devil food’s cake, cherry filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, and chocolate sprinkles.

Pineapple Coconut Cake: vanilla cake, pineapple-ginger filling, buttercream frosting, and shredded coconut.

New: Click here for Pineapple Coconut Cake recipe with fluffy frosting.

Red Velvet Cake: red velvet cake, buttercream frosting with a hint of cocoa, chocolate swirls and white chocolate shavings on top.

The only reason I didn’t have to make a cookies-and-cream cake is because my younger sister was not in town.  Since I will see her for Christmas, I will have to make one.  Not sure how I will decorate it yet.

I’ve been decorating cakes for years.  It’s great when I can combine two of my passions, such as the time I made my girlfriend’s wedding dress and then decorated her wedding cake to match the lace I used on her dress.  She loved it.  It’s great when your expressions of creativity make others smile.



Perplexity – continues

I started working on Perplexity again.  The piecing work is almost complete. I think perplex adequately describes my current state of mine. 

A prospective client chose another person because that person just seemed to match her style more considering what she wanted.  I found that interesting because in the past my customers did not choose me because of my style; they chose me because I could deliver their style.  I should say that the prospective client never met me personally, nor was she referred to me personally.  This is part of the current social networking/social media way of doing business, upon which my style is based on the limited information provided in this blog and my Etsy shop.

That I supposedly have a specific style is enlightening and frightening at the same time.  I never thought I had a specific style.  I have always dressed and created based on current situations. For example, yesterday we took a car trip to New York to attend a cookout.  I wore a short sleeve brown t-shirt from Target with a long cream-color chiffon embroidered skirt my sister gave me years ago and tan “earth-mother” slip-on sandals.  Friday, I wore dark bootleg denim jeans and a white scoop neck t-shirt with a navy double knit short-sleeve jacket.  Both the jeans and jacket are from Ann Taylor Loft, the t-shirt from Target.  I completed my look with red patent-leather high-heel pointed-toe pumps that I purchased because they are sexy, and a large Swarovski crystal brooch that was originally my mother’s.

Currently, I am growing my hair out after years of chemical relaxers, so my hair is in twists.  According to my family you never know what my hairstyle will be each time you see me. I have never worn wigs or weaves.  One day my hair is long and hanging down my back. The next day, I may have cut my hair into an extremely short natural.  I am comfortable with my hair at any length.

Some mornings I put on the 2-minute face, some mornings it’s the 10-minute face.  Some mornings I won’t put on any makeup although I have plenty of time. Like India Arie sings, “it really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul.”

I am perplexed and need answers as I expand from the traditional word-of-mouth business model into the digital word-of-mouth business model.  What is my style?  And do I need to change it?

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Guess What I’m Making?

My granddaughter is here this weekend because we had a big cookout for family and friends.  She’s 5.  That’s the age I usually make a special gift.  Here’s the first piece of the gift.



Sewing with my granddaughter is very different.  I trying to concentrate on the construction of her gift and she wants to have conversations.  She giving me pieces of scrap fabric and asking me to stitch this.  Of course this is while I am in the midst of stitching part of her gift. She has one of my thread boxes.  She’s asking for a needle.  She wants a drink.  This is different, but FUN!  Here’s another piece of the gift.




My granddaughter has been bathed and has her PJs on, but she won’t go to sleep.  Why do kids fight sleep?  I finished another piece of the gift.



She’s still up.  She’s wants to help, but there nothing she can do.  The pieces of the gift are coming together.



She went to sleep a long time ago.  I didn’t realize how late it was.  She leaves in the morning and I want her to have this gift.  The main part of the gift is done.



I did get some sleep.   Then I worked on the clothes.  Pink is one of my granddaughter’s favorite colors.  Isn’t it a favorite color of many little girls.  My granddaughter also wanted a flower in her hair and a skirt.  Here’s the gift.  My grandbaby loves it and named the doll Snowbell.  I asked her why that name.  She replied, “Because I want to.”  Is life really that simple?

Snowbell, the gift

Snowbell, the gift