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Woman with curves, with butt, with paunch, etc…

So in this upcoming week a fashion design television show will not be using its regular models, but instead the aspiring “designers” will be creating garments for real women. I personally think fashion models are real women; they breathe, they feel and they bleed.  They are just not representative of the general female population.  Generally, women are not tall, thin and flat.  We protrude are over the place, front and back. So these designers, many who can’t sew, have to fit an average woman and make her look good.  If they can’t sew, you can bet they don’t have a clue how to make a garment fit properly.  I think this episode is going to be a circus.

I learned to fit garments by actually sewing for women who had curves, butts and paunches.  My first lessons in fitting occurred in my teen years sewing for an aunt who was barely 5 feet tall, was larger than a DD in the chest area, had a teeny tiny waist, and a posterior even larger than her chest.  She truly had an hourglass figure.  I nearly cried one day sewing for my aunt; but I learned. Twenty years later when a 60” tape measure didn’t go around the hips of a woman for whom I was making skirts, I didn’t blink. She loved her finished skirts.  Years later when a friend came to me because one of the woman in her choir couldn’t get her arms into the largest sized jacket that had been ordered for a special concert, I didn’t flinch.  I consulted with a master patternmaker I knew, and created new sleeves from a second jacket.  My client looked beautiful in her beaded evening jacket along with all the others in the choir when they came onto the stage at Madison Square Garden.

I wonder what lessons, these “designers” will learn from their encounter with real women.