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Sewing School is Open

School is officially open.  The lessons start from the basics and will get progressively more advance.  I intend to post a lesson at least once a week.  I suggest you get yourself a 2” or 3” binder, a set of tab dividers, a paper hole puncher, and glue or a stapler.  Print out the lesson. Mount the finished sample to a tab divider so you can easily lift it to see both sides of the sample, label the tab so that it’s meaningful to you, and insert the tab and the printed lesson in the binder.  Now you have the beginnings of a reference book that you will use for years.    

 An important message to the beginner sewist:  Sewing is like any other sport or hobby, the more you practice, the better you get!  Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up.  No one is perfect.    

You can post questions in the comment section and I will respond.  You can also post suggestions for making the lesson better.    

Here is the first sample to create, which truly is for a beginner sewist.  Many beginner sewist simply cut and sew, neglecting to finish their seams.  Finished seams will make your garment last longer; the raw edges of your seams won’t fray and unravel, increasing the probability that the seams will separate while you are wearing your garment.  If you are going to invest all that time in cutting and sewing a garment, take the few extra minutes to finish the seam edges so you can proudly wear your garment for a long, long time.    

 Techniques in Sewing Lesson #1      

  • Sewing a straight seam
  • Finishing a seam with a zigzag
  • Making a wide double fold hem
  • Making a small double fold hem

Click here  and let’s get started!