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Sewing studio in progress

The sewing studio is coming along.  It is a work in progress.  My husband and I spent last weekend dismantling the room, then buying and assembling items from Ikea.  This past week I spent a little time each day putting things away.  I still have stuff in another room that needs to come into the sewing room.  Yesterday I painted the wall space above the closet with chalkboard paint where I will write the name of my studio in chalk.  Today I took pictures of the space and I realized, I need some color in the room.  As I said, it’s a work in progress.


Enter my studio – The curtains allow me to close off the studio, turning it into a dressing room.

Mirrors work – The mirror closet doors help to make the studio brighter and to look larger.  They also hide the stuff.  My husband and I built the cutting table over eight years ago. Open, it’s 36 x 72.  Folded, it’s 24 x 36.  It’s on wheels and the bins contains out of season fabrics and larger sewing projects in progress.

Cabinets and rails – The cabinets hold boxes of threads, tools, notions and patterns.  My scissors are in reach.  The cups hold tools and the various feet for my machine.  The computer desk is a temporary solution for holding the blindstitch machine and the serger.

The ironing space – The legs of the ironing board took up to much space.  We took off the legs and mounted the ironing board to this cabinet.  Now I have more storage.  This is where I hide large fabric scraps and my interfacings.

Shelves at work – These shelves hold sewing books and bins containing sewing projects in progress.

Rails at work – These rails hold fabrics to inspire me, which I can change out as I please.  As well, I have a place for my rulers.

THE FABRIC STASH! – You know this is my favorite part of the studio.  The bin on the floor contains my dollmaking stuff.

The other half of the closet – This side is where I hang projects, finished and in progress.  The container above holds my quilt projects.  My portfolio is on top of the container.  Leaning on the right wall are large tubes of fabric and oaktag to make durable patterns.

More stuff – This is my recycling bin; projects I’m not crazy about in their current state.  Also, worn garments that will be turned into something else.  My wedding dress is in this recycling bin.  The basket contains large fabric scraps.

Hanging around – This hanging rod will hold finished garments and patterns.


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Designing a small sewing studio

I have a VERY small sewing space. VERY SMALL!  It’s not working for me. My fabric stash is not easy to get to.  I have a blindstitch machine and nowhere to put it.  Time for a change.  I am redesigning my space.  My husband saw me measuring the space and said, “Oh no.  I’m in trouble.”  I promise to make it as easy for him as possible.

I looked on the Internet at the sewing spaces on other sites.  I must admit some of them made me jealous because they were so spacious.  When we lived in South Carolina, my husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law built me a stand-alone studio about 10 feet from the house.  I loved it.  I had a worktable in the middle of the studio that was 5 feet wide and 8 feet long.  I could lay out the fabric for a dress with no problems. Under the table was PLENTY OF STORAGE.  A counter and electrical outlets ran the entire length of the long wall in the studio.  There was PLENTY OF STORAGE under the counter.  My computer station was in one corner in front of a window that allowed me to look at the cornfields and the road.  The house was at the end of a dirt road, so it was peaceful.  My machines were at the other end of the studio in front of a window that allowed me to look out into the side yard where I could watch my kids play on the swing set we built for them.  A ceiling fan kept it cool, along with the screen door.  It was painted white with dark green trim to match the main house.  Music was always on.  I miss that studio. 

Here is the current floor plan and the new one I’ve planned.