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Losing Sewing Time


Today is Saturday and I feel like I have lost weeks.  The last time I posted was 3 weeks ago.  Unbelievable!  I spent a week in St. Louis at business meetings.  STRESSFUL!   I spent a weekend making a 3 piece suit and giving a sewing lesson.  PEACEFUL!  I then spent a week in New Orleans at business meetings.  STRESSFUL!  I spent this past week trying to catch up from the week in New Orleans.  STRESSFUL!  So today is about sewing and blogging about sewing.  PEACEFUL!

I just finished a Facebook entry hoping family and friends have a creative outlet that allows them some “me” time in which to spend thinking about life.  Sewing does that for me, allows me to think about things. 

Between the two business trips, I made a jacket, skirt and pants from a piece of wool I purchased on my recent New York trip.  It is now official; I don’t like Lycra in my wool pieces.  I brought a black tropical-weight wool suit a few years ago and it has Lycra in it.  The Lycra fibers pill and that’s not a good look on black wool.  The suit I made is a light olive wool and after a few hours of wearing, I saw pilling in the areas where the underarms brush the sides.  The suit also wrinkles horribly.  I have another piece of wool with Lycra which I will sew.  After that, I want my wool pieces to be 100% wool.

I used speed tailoring techniques on the jacket.  My student arrived while the jacket was still open and I was in the midst of making shoulder pads for the jacket.  I pointed out to her how and why I ease the roll line and interface the hems.  She watched me make the second shoulder pad.  We talked about her making a tailored jacket in the spring.  I could have her making simple things like a gored skirt, but I think she will learn a lot more by being challenged, which is why she’s making a Chanel style jacket. 

She’s trying to learn to sew curves smoothly.  She showed me her attempt.  We laughed.  Her homework was to sew concentric circles about a presser foot apart.  This is a lesson I actually had to do in high school on an industrial machine.   It’s important to be able to sew smooth curves because she will need to sew the sleeves into her jacket at some point.  My travel gave her two more weeks to practice and produce another piece.  Let’s see how much she improves.  Circle lesson

Today, I need to cut out my daughter’s Chanel jacket so I can sew along with Kira tomorrow.  I think I will also make a couple of long sleeve knit tops since the weather is changing. Time to start sewing.


Author: Mpressive Threadz

I started sewing when I was 11 years old, and had my own clients when I was 12. I graduated from the H.S. of Fashion Industries, majoring in fashion design. I expanded my technical background by attending evening classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and working many years at a major pattern company. I have been creating custom wedding gowns and evening dresses for more years than I care to count. I LOVE WORKING WITH FABRICS. I love fine sewing techniques. I love creating beautiful dresses.

2 thoughts on “Losing Sewing Time

  1. No pictures of the suit??
    I hope the circles look good when you see them!! That looks like a rather difficult exercise!!

    • The suit is so wrinkled, I need to get it dryclean first. I will take pictures then.

      The circles are difficult, but once you have done a good sample, you can sew a curve effortlessly.

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